Yorkshire Home Networks

Providing reliable internet in every corner of your home

We can design and install a home network using the most efficient and reliable equipment designed to meet your needs and to provide fast, secure internet to your home office, your kids bedrooms, or the gym in the shed at the bottom of the garden

  • We can provide reliable internet access to every corner of your home, garden or business.
  • Free quotation service for your home network
  • Professionally installed Wired and WiFi networks for the home and business
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  • Covering all of West and South Yorkshire
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The most reliable connection

Ethernet connections provide the best connection possible
Ethernet connections provide the best connection possible

WiFi is brilliant but the safest and most reliable way to get data into your computer or games system is via a cable. Ethernet cables are commonly used in a business setting but are less common in the home. We believe that this is wrong and we can show you that running ethernet cables throughout your home is often the best way to get internet in all the corners!

A network switch providing ethernet connections via the home and business
A switch can give your home fast internet everywhere

Wireless access points

Multiple WiFI hubs around the home

Wireless access points extend your WiFi into all the corners of your home
WiFi doesn’t have to be confined to one room. Share it around the house easily

We can provide multiple WiFi access points in all the high traffic areas of your home to provide fast reliable internet to anywhere at any time. This means that all your devices and phones can be online all the time.

Let us design your WiFi network so there are no longer any black spots or weak signals.

WiFi to the garden
Why not WiFi to the garden

A Full Service

A clean quality installation at a competative price

We offer a full service from design to   installation

We will give you a free written quotation, design your full system and perform a high quality installation all at a competitive price.

Once the system is installed we will fully configure and test and explain any aspects which need clarification. We are also only a phone call away for any future needs

A full Ubiquity install offers unprecedented control






High Quality Equipment + High Quality Installation = Happy Customers.