Back in 2019 the crazy genius that is Elon Musk paused from making Teslas for 5 minutes and started to launch lots and lots of satellites with the sole purpose of providing ultra fast internet access just about everywhere on earth, even Yorkshire!

As of 2022 Starlink has launched over 1500 satellites into low earth orbit and has plans to launch over 4000 in total.

This means that they can now provide fast internet to people who otherwise find it difficult to get to another service. So if you can only get a few megabytes via BT and you don’t have cable internet available then that doesn’t mean you cannot still get well over 100 mbps via a Starlink system.

The Starlink dish

It is great but it isn’t perfect. Let me explain.

  • You need a clear view of the sky so if your garden is very small with high trees then it is probably going to struggle. If you download the Starlink app then you can check your sky view to see if the app thinks you will be good.
  • Not all the world is currently covered. Lots of satellites have been launched but not all of them so coverage isn’t perfect yet. If you go to the Starlink website then you can put in your postcode and it will tell you if you are covered or not covered.
  • The system is still new and only just out of beta testing so some people have found that the system is a it flaky. We have tested the system and although it isn’t perfect we have found it much more stable than lots of people have advertised. As the system becomes more mature its only going to get better.
  • It isn’t cheap. As with anything new its usually more expensive. Its nearly £500 to buy the system and then £80 a month for the service.
  • Delivery times can be long. Some people have had estimates of almost a year until dispatch.
Starlink Router

I’m glad you asked. We have been testing Starlink for several months and have found it to be a superb system which can fill a gap for many people in Yorkshire who do not already have access to fast internet. As can be seen in the screen shots below we have experienced over 300 mbps download speeds at times.

We have a system which we can loan out to people for a small charge and allow you to see if Starlink is right for you without having to spend the large amounts to buy your own system only for it not to be what you wanted.

Get in touch via our contact page and we can send you details or we can visit you and set up the system and allow you to test the full Starlink system for a week or two and see if it works for you.

Starlink Router and power supply

Speed tests from my back garden

Magic internet!

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