WiFi Trouble?

Does your WiFi not reach where you need it to?

Today we need internet access in every room in the house and often we rely on a small box in a cupboard which we got for free from our internet provider to provide it. Very often this box lets us down.

Did you know that for a few hundred pounds for a simple installation you can solve your WIFI problems forever and get reliable internet to anywhere in your house or garden.

We can install WIFI or ethernet sockets in all the rooms or your home or run a cable down the garden and provide fast internet into your garden room.

All our installations are of the highest quality and guaranteed to solve your problems or just allow you get WiFi for that gym at the bottom of the garden or that solid internet for that hardcore gaming room.

Let us sit down with you and

  • work out what you need and what you don’t need
  • choose the most suitable equipment for your demands and your budget
  • design an installation in the neatest and most efficient way possible
  • implement the installation in a professional manner fitting around your lifestyle
  • fully test the installation and explain any of the finer details
  • be available at the end of the phone for any after care
  • why not give us a call on 07958792048 or send us a message via our contact page

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