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Home office setup

So you have set up that swanky new home office at great expense and now you have realised the internet is flaky at best, and non existent at worse. So, how can we get the Internet from the box that BT or Sky or Virgin gave you to your new office. Well, let me give you 3 options.

1. Powerline Adapters

If you have ever called your internet provider to whinge about the fact that your WiFi doesn’t reach where you want it to reach then often they will offer to send you an adapter to fix it. What they will send is a powerline adapter. This is a device that uses the electrical cables in your house to send the internet from one plug socket to another plug socket.

A diagram of a powerline adapter setup
A simple powerline adapter set up

There are lots of advantages of using powerline adapters but also lots of disadvantages. The main advantages are that they are cheap, costing as little as £40 in some cases, and they are very easy to set up. Sounds perfect! However, as usual in life, lets get on to the disadvantages. They only work sometimes and when they do work, they are only ok. If you have perfect conditions then powerline adapters work great, giving you great speeds and reliability with no problems but conditions are very often not perfect. If for example all your wiring circuits in your house are not on the same circuit, as is often the case if you have had an extension, then a powerline adapter isn’t going to work. Other things that you have plugged into your system will often effect the adapters such as washing machines and fridges meaning that just as your important zoom call is starting your connection drops in quality (and therefore speed) and you are buffering from here until your spin cycle is finished!

A powerline adapter recently removed from a property
BT Powerline adapter

Power adapters definitely have their place and are often a good place to start but be aware that they are not a fix all for every problem or situation. As the owner of a company who provide other solutions to this problem I am obviously biased but I do spend a lot of time going into houses to install a proper network after someone has got sick of trying to fix the problem with powerline adapters and given up.

2. WiFi that really reaches

Often home offices are somewhere out of the way. In the loft or the garden shed or the back bedroom. This is great for peace and quiet but not always great for a stable WiFi connection. This is something we at Yorkshire Home Networks can fix!

a home office in a lake
Is your home office in the middle of a lake?

By running a wire from your existing router to somewhere else in your property and then adding a device called a WiFi access point we can add WiFi coverage to any area.

WiFi access point diagram

Modern WiFi access points are often the perfect way to extend WiFi around the home as so many of our devices connect wirelessly. A modern WiFi access point from a company like Ubiquity will totally outperform your current internet router, which you got free from BT or Virgin and will easily give coverage to a whole floor of your house never mind just your home office.

WiFi access point

At Yorkshire Home Networks we can add a WiFi access point to your office, wherever it is to give you total, reliable coverage.

3. A wired Ethernet network

In almost every medium to large office environment in the country you will find a socket to plug your computer into via a wire. This is an ethernet network and is the gold standard for any office and also the best option for most home offices.

In option 2 above we mentioned running 1 wire and adding an access point on the end to provide more WiFi. Well, instead of an access point we can add a switch, then we can add many different things all at once.

office ethernet network using wifi and ethernet

Above, we show two desktop computers and a printer connected via ethernet cables and multiple phones and a laptop via an access point but in actuality, virtually anything can be connected to your network

Ethernet cable

Another benefit of ethernet is that the connection is more reliable. However good your WiFi, sometimes devices lose the signal so a wired connection is always best. If you do something like a crucial zoom call that really needs a rock solid signal throughout, then get yourself a wired network.

At Yorkshire Home Networks we a can design and install your network with no fuss and no mess. The disruption to your normal internet coverage can be kept to an absolute minimum with some systems changed over in less than 10 minutes. Why not give Paul a call on 07958 792048 or send us a message via our contact page. Or email us at

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